We hope you had a blast at Summer School 2017! Thank you for supporting the NYC Leadership Council and their efforts to help Pencils of Promise provide students with quality education.

If you didn't get a chance to donate, don't worry, there's still time! Your gift will increase educational opportunities for children worldwide. Make your impact today.


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Or see pictures of the event here.

Mesha VosLevitz - President
Katie LaFleur - Vice President
Danielle Wright - Coordinator
Hilliary Latham - Event Chair
Neel Bhargava
Austin Bishop
Courtney Bryan
Julia Fehrenbach
Melvis Langyintuo
Paige Muller

Abbie Roden
Carolyn Siegel
Lindsey Smith
Russ Sonenclar
Rylan Soref
Amanda Taitz
Kaitlin Williams

Michael Apostolides - Honorary Member
Aleksey Kernes - Honorary Member